• Windows Desktop PCs, Workstations, Servers & Laptops

  • Computer Repairs and Upgrades

  • Hardware Replacement and Migration

  • Network and Firewall Set-Up and Security

  • Printer Set-Up for Individual or Networked Environments

  • Managed Services: Monthly / Annual contracts

  • Proactive monitoring, backups & top-of-class Anti-Virus.

  • Hardware and Software Consulting (Right-size your office)

  • Either Call As Needed and/or Contracted Services

Anti-Virus, Data Backup & Restore, Clean-Up/Speed-Up/Tune-Up

We can remove viruses, install anti-virus software, backup your data, restore from backups, clean/tune up your system to get it running like new.

$60 per hour (our location), $75 per hour (your location within 25 miles)

Repair, Replace / Upgrade hardware (Video, Sound, Memory, Storage, etc.)

Is your computer running slow?  Adding memory can make a world of difference.  Upgrading from a hard disk drive to a solid state disk can dramatically improve boot times.  Is you PC unable to play modern games?  A newer video card can put you back in the competition!

Would you like a custom computer built to your specifications?  We do that.  Give us a call, today!

$60 per hour (our location), $75 per hour (your location within 25 miles) + Cost of parts

Installation and Setup

Do you need a professional to replace all of your office computers with new ones without losing valuable data and software?

Do you need to upgrade your PCs to a newer version of Windows?

Have you purchased a new office printer/copier and you need every PC on your network to be able to use it?

We can handle your technology needs.

$60 per hour (our location), $75 per hour (your location within 25 miles)

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